Anderson Engineering, Inc. (Anderson) is a professional full service consulting engineering firm located in beautiful Bozeman and Dillon, Montana. Our firm was established in 1975 and specializes in quality-based projects which add value to clients’ resources.

The firm’s work on Global Positioning System (GPS) and ALTA surveys, civil engineering, planning, construction assistance, surveying and mapping, Geographic Informational Systems (GIS), aerial imagery, and resource management indicate the company’s strong commitment to being in the forefront of new ideas and innovative technologies.  Anderson offers diverse professional expertise.  Our company’s success is based on our ability to work effectively with government agencies, engineers, lawyers, corporate structure, land managers, and construction personnel.

Our firm’s specialties are surveying, mapping, planning, civil/environmental engineering, and water resources/management. Anderson continually improves its capabilities through working on complex projects, training, computer technologies, and continuing education.